Strategy & Roadmap

With all the best intentions in the world, business requirements are open to interpretation as each requirement in isolation lacks the wider context of the business problem. Over the years, we’ve seen this time and time again where development teams have misinterpreted requirements which resulted in costly rework cycles.

AppSpec takes a different approach by identifying key success criteria and business objective upfront, we use these as an anchor throughout the delivery to shape your solution. We define your feature roadmap and rapidly develop interactive prototypes that feed into our collaboration workshops to ensure that the end solution to realise your vision.

Strategy 10%
Roadmap 30%
Prototype 50%
Design 10%

Defining your business goals and success criteria to ensure we stay focused on delivering a successful solution


Defining the backlog, prioritised by business benefit and cost, to ensure that we can maximise your return on investment in the shortest possible time

Prototype & Design

Translate your backlog into an interactive prototype to enable us to collaborate with stakeholders and business users to adapt & evolve the solution to realise your vision