Prototype & Design

Traditional development companies tend to create artefacts such as functional and technical design documents to detail both the solutions feature set and implementation. Whilst there is a time and a place for these documents, our experience over the years has taught us that this approach doesn’t provide the right level of detail to the right audience in the early stages of a project. This is the equivalent of building a house right off a blueprint, now unless you're a builder or an architect or seasoned in understanding and reviewing these documents then this is going to leave in you the dark.

AppSpec knows this is a challenge and as a result we've changed the approach to delivery as a result. Instead of providing you with the blueprints, we provide you with the 3D model in the form of an interactive prototype. The prototypes allow you to click through the solution to visualise and experience the user journey. All of this before we've written a line of code or performed any configuration which means that we can iterate and adapt in a fraction of the time it would take during development to reduce costs and provide successful solutions first time round.

Increase in Effectiveness
Reduction of Rework